Ich weiss, ich bin bunt.
(I know, I am multicoloured)
In german language the words for "white" and "know" (in first person singular) are written and pronounced equal.
Berlin is going through a steady change and is different every day.
Not just the cityscape changes, but the people that live here too. It's a colourful city with a lot of street art, much graffitis and loads of guerilla actions. The sheer mass of colours and its random placement all are making sure that citizens aren’t sensitive to colours anymore and therefor, when asked, will describe their city as grey.
To counteract the implicitness of colour and to show the berlin people that their city is more than just gray, we're wittingly "erasing“ all the colour out of parts of the city - We are whitewashing Berlin.

We will be creating a strong contrast to the everyday appearance on locations with an extra oppressing colouring and/or massive appearance in architecture. Also we will sensitize people to see the colours of their city again.
All public spaces we choose have one thing in common: They're not intended to make you feel good in the first place. They're spaces of use. One doesn't hang around but is getting from a to b, your first to your connecting train or simply over to the grocery store to grab some. Every Berliner knows these public spaces and has a relation to them.
Using these created white spaces we're giving people the opportunity to concisely experience their city coloured again.
(Prints will be using UV-varnish on white.
For digital uses a light gray tone on white will be used.)
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